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    School activities

    The Lego and robotics as an extra school activities are sophisticated and benefit to the development of participants’ creative thinking with the use of our special Ibrick Lego kit. The program is functioning during the whole academic year and includes new and surprising content of the lesson presented every week.

    By building various models children will discover the range of technologies, laws of physics, building basics, science and the way all of them operate. They will learn in practice about centrifuge, gravity force, kinesthetic energy, the law of force and motion and many others. They will learn about different types of energy and how we can exchange them, will discover types of transmission (its’ pros and cons) and will research various spheres of life as space, earth and others. As a result of such experiments, children will get more bright and clear picture of the world and will get specific practical knowledge to deal with different challenges in a creative way.

    The knowledge children receive will help them in every day adults` life and will benefit to the development of their thinking process. The course is improving creative thinking, fine motor skills and concentration.

    Our special Lego kit is organized for the user to see all the details according to their categories. In this way we influence kids to keep an order that was made before the usage of a kit and to see a clear picture of every detail on its` place that awake much stronger desire to build every time something new.

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      Worth watching

      Improving motor ability and creative thinking.
      Experiential learning while building LEGO models.
      Improving concentration.
      Original Lego parts only.
      Developed by engineers from the Technion.
      Accumulation of a model bank for rebuilding at any time.
      The kit can also be combined with the home Lego.

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