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    Online LEGO® Class

    As part of the Online LEGO® class subscription, we will send to your doorstep our unique LEGO® kit, using which you and your children will build our exciting LEGO®  models!

    Depending on the plan you choose you will get weekly models to build using our LEGO® kit. Each model includes an online lesson and digital assembly instruction manual.
    The kit stays with you for as long as you are subscribed with us, and after 6 month the kit is yours to keep!

    By the end of each month, every participant accumulates a bank of  ibrick LEGO® models that can be rebuilt at any time and provide endless hours of fun and play.


    The building of LEGO® models has a long-lasting benefit on children’s development, such as:


    • Development of fine motor skills.
    • Development of creative thinking and imagination.
    • Development of concentration Skills.
    • Development of social skills, teamwork and problem-solving.
    • Meaningful Learning through playing.



    ibrick online LEGO® class also has the following benefits :


    • The LEGO® kit includes only original LEGO® and LEGO Education® parts.
    • All of our models are designed by engineers from The renowned “Technion” university in Israel.
    • Every participant  accumulates a bank of models that you can rebuild any time you wish to.
    •  ibrick LEGO®  kit enables you to mix in parts from your own LEGO® games to upgrade and enhance the models.

    Our LEGO® plans put emphasis on the educational aspect of LEGO®  building. The children will build the models from scratch based on the knowledge and experience provided during the lessons, thus will gain the confidence and creativity to become young engineers.




    Q: Is there a minimum time for enrolling in any of your plans?

    A: There is no commitment! You can cancel the registration to the plan at any time and we will send you a delivery person to take the LEGO® kit back. 

    Q: Do I get to keep the kit even if i cancel my subscription?

    A: After 6 months of subscription (to any of the plans) the kit will be considered yours and we will not ask it back in the case of cancelling your subscription.

    Q: What models will you provide as part of the subscription? 

    A: Together we will learn to build different kinds of robots, vehicles, aircraft, animals from all around the animal kingdom, factory machines, household machines, luna park rides and many more…

    Q: What will be taught in the provided lessons?

    A: During the lessons and the building process, the children will learn and get more familiar with technology and science.
    We will get to know different principles of physics, mechanics, biology and more.

    Some of the topics we will cover include experimenting with various types of transmissions, understanding how different motors work, getting familiar with different animals, learning about gravity, energy types and conversion between them, Newton’s Laws of motion space travel and much more.

    Interested in challenging your child?

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      Worth watching

      Improving motor ability and creative thinking.
      Experiential learning while building LEGO models.
      Improving concentration.
      Original Lego parts only.
      Developed by engineers from the Technion.
      Accumulation of a model bank for rebuilding at any time.
      The kit can also be combined with the home Lego.

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