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    About us

    ibrick is a LEGO® engineering company that offers a wide variety of challenging and enriching LEGO® activities, in which participants build exciting LEGO® models using  a unique LEGO® kit that puts emphasis in the educational value in LEGO® assembling.

    The unique ibrick LEGO® kit was developed by engineers most renowned Israeli science and technology research universities (The “Technion”).  The LEGO® kit is used by the class participants to build inspiring and challenging Lego models and through the process children are exposed to many fascinating areas of interest such as nature and animals, transportation,  the amazing world of physics, engineering and more. Through playing LEGO®, the participants obtain important and useful knowledge which will be carried on with them as adults. The ibrick LEGO® kit includes original LEGO® parts only.

    The building of LEGO®  develops fine motor skills, social skills, team work, problem solving and the understanding of the way the world around us works.

    ibrick LEGO® classes provide a wonderful opportunity for children to be drawn away from the screens, work with their hands and develop logical thinking, creativity and imagination. ibrick LEGO® kit  also consists of electrical parts (including a motor) and other genuine Lego Education parts which cannot be found in the regular LEGO® games.

    ibrick is the leading company in Israel for LEGO® based educational activities and operates successfully worldwide.

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      Work process

      Receiving a kit with Lego parts
      Reading an instruction booklet
      Lecture on the topic in the kit
      Start of assembly

      Ibrik is not affiliated with the global Lego company and is not supported or funded by it in any way.