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    About ibrick

    Here at ibrick we just love Lego®  and we see it as much more than just a game!

    Our journey began with a modest wish: to fit the entire world into a single and unique LEGO®  kit.

    Not asking for much, right? 

    After a long development and tinkering, we finally made it!

    We have developed our own, one of a kind LEGO® kit which you can use to build endless number of models!

    Then we hired brilliant mechanical engineers in order to  turn the world around us into amazing LEGO® models!

    Our engineers are true LEGO® fans and also graduates of “The Technion” University,  the most renowned science and technology research university in Israel.

    Our engineers have only one goal: design unique and innovative LEGO® models just for you.

    Join our community and play LEGO® in a whole new way; No more one model per kit, no more packaging waste.  One LEGO® kit- Endless number of models.

    We put emphasis on the educational aspect of LEGO® assembling,  so every model you build comes with a lesson and a presentation related to the model.

    In the building process, you will develop a deeper understanding of the world around you, build various animals, experiment with a huge range of machines and vehicles, explore and understand exciting mechanical and physical principles, and so much more! 

    If you love LEGO®, you just have to join us and set on this exciting LEGO® journey!

    More about the ibrick company

    Our Classes

    Technological LEGO

    The class where participants are building magnificent models using a unique Lego kit developed by the company.

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    Online LEGO

    At ibrick Online LEGO® class, we will send our unique LEGO® kit to your home and it will stay with you the whole time! The children will use the LEGO® kit to...

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    Lego Robotics

    LEGO® Robotics Class is a unique activity in which the children will build different kinds of LEGO® based robots and use a designated software to program the the robots to perform certain actions according to...

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    Lego Birthday party

    The Lego-based celebration of your Birthday is a set of prearranged activities that are performed by a professional Lego group leader that will make your party unforgettable.

    Events and courses for companies

    The Ibrick company is a leading company that accommodates itself to the needs of a client. As a part of the activities, we will use a unique Ibrick Lego kit which will help to study physics with pleasure, build amazing models and, most important, to play with Lego.

    School activities

    The Lego and robotics as an extra school activities are sophisticated and benefit to the development of participants’ creative thinking with the use of our special Ibrick Lego kit.

    Interested in challenging your child?

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      Worth watching

      Improving motor skills and creative thinking.
      Experiential learning while building LEGO models.
      Improving concentration. skills
      Original Lego parts only
      Developed by top engineers from the Technion.
      Accumulation of a model bank for rebuilding at any time.
      The kit can also be combined with your home Lego bricks

      Unique LEGO Kit of ibrick

      Unique LEGO Kit of ibrick

      LEGO ONLINE Course

      Registration for the LEGO online course
      Lego kit on the way to you
      Obtaining an initial assessment and model
      What fun, the course begins!

      Ibrik is not affiliated with the global Lego company and is not supported or funded by it in any way.